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There are moments in life that propel us forward and nurture our personal development… beyond the confines of a classroom. Curriculums are the necessary pre-cursor for development and further education however, supported by a school-based education trip, these learnings become ‘real’, through experience. Travel is educational in nature. When intentionally planned around a curriculum, it … Read more

“New York, New York. If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…” Frank Sinatra coined this famous line. And ohhh, he said it well. There’s nowhere quite like this city. The bright lights with that oh-so-recognisable skyline. A sea of eight million people, giving this city its unstoppable energy. It’s the place people … Read more

There are certain countries with an unimaginable history. Germany certainly falls into this category. History students learn about World War I, II and the Cold War, as best they can through textbooks, searches and teachers. But topics like this are both dense and difficult to comprehend (yet, timeless in curriculums). Understanding world history benefits hugely … Read more

The industrial age cemented our beliefs around the way we learn. And while classrooms are still the main way we teach children and youth, it’s certainly not the only way anymore. The internet has disrupted this structure, as well as our assumptions around learning approaches. Not all education occurs within the four walls of a … Read more