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Educational Tours to Greece for School Trips


Educational Tours to Greece for School Trips

Greece invites high school students and teachers to take a glimpse into ancient history with a plethora of archaeological sites, ancient monuments and preserved examples of classical architecture. Trips can include combinations of these great historic sights, with activities that will immerse students into the passionate culture and cuisine of the country.

Art & Literature
History & Classics

History and Classics

In the birthplace of Western civilisation, students can experience first-hand the wonders of classical and ancient history. From guided tours of some of the most famous architectural designs in the world to day trips in small seaside towns, Greece is full of value. Nothing is more educational than seeing these wonders in person, and this opportunity is the definition of education outside the classroom. Explore fascinating archaeological sites, embody ancient Olympians at the Panathenaic Stadium, enter the realm of the Gods at the Temple of Zeus and bring to life the myths and legends found in your textbooks.

Sample Activities

Guided tour of Acropolis and Museum: The Acropolis has many fine examples of Greek architecture with its monumental gates, the dominating temple of the Parthenon, the odium, theatres and agora. Students of classics and ancient history can explore and gain a better understanding of Ancient Greek culture and society.

Guided day trip to Cape Sounion: Cape Sounion is noted as the site of ruins of an ancient Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in classical mythology. The remains are perched on the headland, surrounded on three sides by the sea. According to Greek Mythology, Cape Sounion is the spot where Aegeus, king of Athens, leapt to his death off the cliff, thus giving his name to the Aegean Sea.


Language and Culture

We believe that one of the best ways of experiencing and learning while travelling is to fully immerse yourself in the authentic culture of a country.  Join in with their daily activities, learn about their food and their customs, and try speaking the language with the locals and your visit will be enriched far beyond the typical tourist experience. Students will love experiencing an evening of Greek dancing and tasting the local food. See what lies beneath the surface through these unique and immersive educational experiences.

Sample Activities

Guided walking tour of Olympia: The first Olympic Games were reportedly held in honour of the God Zeus and today the ancient ruins of Olympia show students just how important this event was considered. Giant Statues, ruined temples and majestic villas can all be discovered.

Guided coach tour of Delphi: Delphi can be visited as a long day out from Athens. Site of the Great Oracle and the Cult of Apollo, it was considered the centre of the earth in ancient times. There is also a museum containing significant finds from the site.

Full-Day cruise- to three beautiful islands Hydra-Poros-Aegina: Visit three gorgeous Greek Islands in one day on an island-hopping cruise from Athens! Visiting the Saronic Islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina.