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Japan is a country where cutting-edge technology sits alongside temples where Shogun Emperors once ruled. With a plethora of spiritual temples and shrines, the lasting legacy of the delicate Geisha, as well as the devastating WWII site of Hiroshima, Japans history is just around the corner of every street. From the wooden buildings of Old Kyoto to iconic modern Tokyo, Japan has a rich ancient and modern cultural heritage.

Tours can focus on a number of different subject areas depending on your personal preference. Please click below for more information on your subject interest.

History & Classics
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From the teeming modern metropolis of Tokyo to the extraordinary calm gardens of Shinto and Buddhist temples, Japan is a country of fascinating differences. This tour introduces students to Japanese language and culture by visiting some of her most well-known and iconic sites. After sightseeing in Tokyo, students travel by bullet train to gorgeous Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital. The tour then continues to Hiroshima where students visit the Peace Memorial Park. Students also have time to explore, try out their language and sample Japan’s unique food, arts and amazing shopping.

Sample Activities

Edo-Tokyo Museum- With over 50 large scale models and 2500 original objects and replicas this modern museum covers the history of the city of Tokyo, formerly known as Edo. See how the city developed over 400 years from when the warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu established his government in Edo. Learn about the impact of WWII on the city and how it has developed over the centuries into the modern metropolis we see today. (Tokyo)

Sumo district and Sumo Museum- Tokyo’s Ryogoku district is the home of sumo, Japan’s national sport. It is here you will find the main sumo tournament hall (’Kokugikan’) and museum. The museum has many exhibits associated with the traditions and sport of sumo wrestling including ornamental wrestler aprons. It may be possible to watch sumo wrestlers training although the programme is only announced the night before. (Tokyo)

Daisen-In Temple and meditation class- The Daisen-in, located inside the Daitoku-ji Temple, is one of the oldest buildings of the Zen sect of Buddhism. The complex is home to a historically important stone and sand Japanese garden, designated as of historic interest. Meditation is at the core of Zen Buddhism and students will engage in a lesson to learn this art. (Kyoto)

Hiroshima Peace Park and Memorial Museum– Due to its tragic past during WWII, Hiroshima is now known as a City of Peace. See the symbolic ruined building, the A-bomb dome, which is one of the few to remain standing after the atomic blast of August 6th 1945. Wander through the Peace Park on an area devastated by the world’s first deployed atomic bomb with its memorial to the victims. The moving Memorial Museum tells the story of the immediate and lasting impact of the Atom bomb on the population of Hiroshima.



At Travelbound, we believe that you can’t beat a homestay for truly experiencing the everyday life and culture of a country. Homestays provide a practical and authentic environment for students to fully immerse themselves in the language and traditions of the Japanese people. We can design our itineraries to fit in perfectly with your sister school experience. Whether you are staying just a couple of days or a couple of weeks, we can work around it and organise the perfect Japan program that will work within your sister school requirements.