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Travelbound can work with you to design a trip where you students are truly immersed in life in Spain – from the sprawling metropolises, hidden cafes and street markets, to the quaint medieval towns.  They will be able to speak and listen to the local language and build their Spanish language skills in an engaging and personal environment.

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A Spanish Language tour is perfect for schools looking to inspire and challenge students in improving their language skills. With an Itinerary that uses practical learning and field assignments, students really get to practice their comprehension and pronunciation. Everyday situations and social interactions will challenge students to develop their own skills and put themselves out of their own comfort zone. They can explore the most wonderful cities, and experience passionate culture, exquisite cuisine and stunning landscapes. With a tour that includes a taste of the imperial capital in Madrid, the effortlessly cool city of Barcelona, and a number of ancient cities and World Heritage sites along the way, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sample Activities

Spanish Language Lesson– The best place to learn Spanish is in Spain and we can arrange language lessons at a local language school with a native speaker.  This gives students a chance to work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, discussing cultural and social aspects of Spain.

Las Ventas Bullring– Las Ventas is the home of bullfighting in Spain. On a guided tour, students can experience the emotions that might be felt by a bullfighter or a member of the public, visiting the patio de cuadrillas (where the bullfighters wait before the event), the patio de arrastre – where the bull is taken after the fight – the main gate, the ring itself and the stands. (Madrid)

Flamenco Show- enjoy the colourful spectacle of this traditional Andalucian art form on stage. The passion, strength and confidence of Flamenco performers make for an unforgettable show. See how they artfully convey their full range of emotions. Dinner is included.

Maria Luisa Park and Plaza de Espana- Close to the river to the south of the city the Maria-Luisa Park is filled with exotic trees, fairy tale buildings and Moorish fountains and pools. The park was the location of Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929 and the enormous spectacular Plaza de Espana with was designed and built especially as a centre piece. The square known as the ‘Venice of Seville’ with its semi-circular buildings, towers, canal, bridges and ceramic tiled benches and walls is a very popular tourist attraction. (Seville)

Spanish Language Activity- With this Spanish language game, students can enjoy an accompanied two hour group language activity around an area of Barcelona following a day in the life of Pedro, a fictional Spanish boy. Tasks involve listening, reading and speaking Spanish with language activities and teamwork. The day ends with churros and chocolate for all! (Barcelona)



There is no better way to learn the language than experiencing the day-to-day language immersion that comes from living with a host family. Travelbound can offer students the exciting opportunity to experience a country’s culture and local customs first-hand in a practical environment which is designed to provide an authentic language education.