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Give Your Students a Taste of The Big Apple (and Hollywood), With This Tour

Give Your Students a Taste of The Big Apple (and Hollywood), With This Tour

“New York, New York. If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…”

Frank Sinatra coined this famous line. And ohhh, he said it well. There’s nowhere quite like this city. The bright lights with that oh-so-recognisable skyline. A sea of eight million people, giving this city its unstoppable energy. It’s the place people go to make their dreams happen.

It’s a city that influences the world. It needs no introduction.

Visiting New York City isn’t just about ticking off the big-name locations from the movies… Times Square, Central Park, Broadway and the Empire State Building. There’s great lessons to be learned, beyond the multi-sensory displays and characters that fill the streets.

New York City is the epicentre of art and literature, history and business, music and performance. For drama buffs, walking the Theatre District by day and experiencing the buzz of Broadway at night is entertaining and aspirational.

NYC: The city of dreams!

The places of interest in New York have a lot to teach students. Whether it’s the history behind the vision for magnificent Central Park, the world-famous Fifth Avenue or Rockefeller Centre, they’ll learn what these sights contribute to New York City.

NYC inadvertently ‘teaches’ students about diversity, simply by wandering its streets. It’s hard to define a New Yorker, because there’s no one single type of persona. Trips to attractions like Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum helps to build their cultural empathy.

Take your students on another journey back in recent times, to Ground Zero – the place the Twin Towers once dominated the skyline. Wall Street and the NY Stock Exchange are close by, and are popular attractions for business and commerce students.

Fill your days with educational trips to New York museums

And, of course, no trip would be complete without a day at the best museums of New York City. Art, history, science and geography classes have plenty of options.

The educational trips to New York we plan for Australian high schools usually start and end in Los Angeles. Because our itineraries are tailor-made, there’s no reason why you can’t add Hollywood tourist attractions onto the end. We’re speaking to you, drama students!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame tour is, of course, a must-see. No matter what class you’re teaching, there will be real-world lessons, delivered to entertain, in New York City. And because your trip is customisable, we’ll make sure your itinerary covers the attractions that’ll connect with your in-class learnings.

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