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Travelbound seek to create a better world by developing more globally aware students through immersive and engaging international tours. These are the most popular tours taken by High schools and Colleges around New Zealand.


CLASSICS TOUR- Italy and Greece

In the birthplace of Western civilisation, Greece and Italy, students can experience first-hand the wonders of classical and ancient history. From guided tours of some of the most famous architectural designs in the world to day trips in small seaside towns, this tour is full of value. Nothing is more educational than seeing these wonders in person, and this opportunity is the definition of education outside the classroom.

Europe – Classics – Full Sample Itinerary

Wall Street New York


This tour is full of business workshops that allows students the opportunity to develop their own knowledge and give them a wealth of personal experience. The trip will take them to some of the most successful business locations in America with the opportunity to explore New York, the dynamic city at the heart of the global economy and Walt Disney World in Florida, where the classes focus on personal presentation and development skills. Arriving in Boston can hopefully inspire students to take on the tour with full energy, as they visit Harvard’s Business school, one of the most prestigious, well known universities in the world. With the perfect blend of educational and tourist opportunities, this tour is fast paced just like the world of Business and marketing.

USA Commerce – Full Sample Itinerary

Hawaii school tours

HAWAII- Geography and History Tour

The Hawaiian Islands offer such an amazing mix of modern war history, hands on science, natural wonders and westernised activities. Students will have the chance to witness first hand, some of the most unique geology and ecology in the world as well immerse themselves in the Hawaiian culture. With a number of strong curriculum links, Hawaii offers the opportunity for students to put into practice, teachings that they have received in the classroom.

Hawaii – Full Sample Itinerary


JAPAN – Cultural Trip

From the teeming modern metropolis of Tokyo, to the extraordinary calm gardens of Shinto and Buddhist temples, Japan is a country of fascinating differences. This tour introduces students to Japanese language and culture by visiting some of her most well-known and iconic sites. After sightseeing in Tokyo, students travel by bullet train to gorgeous Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital. The tour then continues to Hiroshima where students visit the Peace Memorial Park. Students also have time to explore, try out their language skills and sample Japan’s unique food, arts and amazing shopping.

Japan – Full Sample Itinerary

hawaii geography science green school tours educational experience

Samoa – Cultural Geography Trip 

The islands of Samoa is an opportunity for students to experience the rich culture and laid back lifestyle of the South Pacific. The countryside offers amazing scenery with lagoons and underwater wonderlands to be explored. Students will be taught by the local community on cultural backgrounds, food preparation and the flora and fauna history that has created the environment surrounding them.

Samoa- Full Sample Itinerary



This tour allows secondary school students time to gain an understanding of American Culture and the political landscape that shaped the USA. The group will trace the path of American democracy during the Civil Rights Movement in the countries south. Through this itinerary that includes the birth home of Martin Luther King Jr., and the site of his assassination, you’ll meet the soldiers of the movement – children, colleagues, clergy and others – in memorials, museums and historic sites along the way.

USA Civil Rights – Full Sample Itinerary

Terracotta Army China Educational Tour

CHINA- History and Geography Tour 

Exploring China allows students an amazing opportunity to marvel the modern wonders of Shanghai, the infamous areas of Beijing both in recent and historic events, and explore the ancient capital of Xian. This tour immerses individuals into both contemporary and historical China allowing time to understand and learn respect for Chinese history.

China- Full Sample Itinerary

London Educational Tours

LITERACY TOUR – United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom allows an inspiring opportunity for students to explore the rich Literary of some of the most iconic authors from History. Students can understand and experience the surroundings and influences the British Towns had on the writers work. The stops along the way not only have opportunity for insight into the great literary minds, but too allow opportunity to experience the English culture and history from castles, small towns and major cities.

UK Literature Tour – Full Sample Itinerary


WW1 / WW2 – Europe History Tour 

This tour is an incredibly eye opening and immersive experience, allowing the opportunity for those who were not alive to witness and grow a further understanding of actions and historic events taken place during the World Wars. Attractions, Museums and Cemeteries all give a deep historical perspective to the lives that were lived in that time. The places that are visited all collectively are known for the historical events that took place there, allowing time to understand the complexities of World War. A tour like this will never be forgotten in the eyes of any individual.

WW1-WW2 – Full Sample Itinerary

SPanish Language Educational Tour


A Language Tour to Spain can be one of the most educational and immersive locations students can be taken too. They can explore the most wonderful cities, and experience passionate culture, exquisite cuisine and stunning landscapes. With a tour that includes a taste of the imperial capital in Madrid, the effortlessly cool city of Barcelona, and a number of ancient cities and World Heritage sites along the way, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Spanish Language – Full Sample itinerary



This South East Asia Itinerary focuses on history throughout the region and allows the opportunity to add other areas of interest which may complement the recommended itinerary. It also allows the opportunity to add areas that may be more specific to examples that have been studied in the classroom. There are a number of strong curriculum links which allows students to think for themselves, challenging both misinformation and stereo typed views of developing countries. They can develop their own views on human rights, cooperation in communities, and conflict resolution.

Vietnam and Cambodia – Full Sample Itinerary



This French Language tour is perfect for schools looking to inspire and challenge students in improving their language skills. With an Itinerary that uses practical learning and field assignments, students really get to practice their comprehension and pronunciation. Everyday situations and social interactions will challenge students to develop their own skills and put themselves out of their own comfort zone. With the opportunity to stay at a Travelbounds privately owned Chateau in the Normandy countryside, it also allows the opportunity to compare and contrast the language from the bustling city of Paris, to the smaller town, local atmosphere.

French Language – Full Sample Itinerary

india educational school group tours

INDIA- Social Sciences Tour

A trip to India is one of the most authentic experiences an individual could ever have. The country is full of lush beauty, exotic architecture and rich culture. It has the ability to overload the senses with its pure intensity in colours, smells, tastes and sounds. Few countries in the world can leave such a lasting impression, but India, with its layers and layers of History can truly open your eyes to contradiction. Students will be allowed the opportunity to visit one of the most famous monuments in the world one day, while embracing the chaos of an Indian Market place the next.  They also will get to observe local people engaging in their daily rituals which is a profoundly intimate experience. This tour will immerse students into both contemporary and historical India, allowing time to understand and learn respect for Indian History.

India Cultural Tour – Full Sample Itinerary

Freedom trail Boston educational tour


This tour allows secondary school students time to gain an understanding of American Culture and the political landscape that shaped the USA. The group will trace the path of American democracy from the war of independence, the Civil War and September 11th. Within the educational tours and entrances, there is also the opportunity to view two of the top universities in the world through Harvard and Yale. Seeing where education takes centre stage is an amazing opportunity for those that aspire to study overseas.

USA Freedom Trail – Full Sample Itinerary

Palatine Ruins Rome

EUROPE- Humanities Tour

A Europe trip that encompasses a number of different curriculum subjects allows students the opportunity to broaden their learning experience and to be inspired by subject areas in which they may never have paid attention too. This tour allows your group to learn and experience the ancient ruins in Greece and Italy, moving through to the iconic buildings in Paris and finishing with eye opening experiences in Ypres and Amsterdam, focusing on World War and the lives taken too early. This is a fast paced experience, where students can thrive and learn about overseas travelling.

Europe – Full Sample Itinerary

New-Caledonia School Tours

FRENCH LANGUAGE- New Caledonia Tour

Noumea is an opportunity for students to experience the rich culture and laid back lifestyle of New Caledonia. The intensive language and study itinerary within this tour is designed for students at an intermediate or advanced learning level. Students will really get to use their practising skills while sharing time and meals with home stays in a safe and comfortable family environment. This is an ideal opportunity for students to progress their language skills as well as explore the beautiful scenery of Noumea with a few day excursions to tropical locations.

New Caledonia – Full Sample Itinerary


PERFORMING ARTS- New York City Tour 

In this Performing Arts based itinerary students have the opportunity to participate in a number of Broadway workshops which are run by professional actors and trained teachers. These workshops can be a mix of both beginner and professional standards, but are all designed to increase skills and abilities across a range of acting, dance and music, while giving the students the chance to grow as individuals. Incorporating some of NYC’s main attractions makes this tour a fun, educational and immersive experience, showing the culture of the one of the busiest cities in the world.

USA Performing Arts – Full Sample Itinerary


COSTA RICA- Science and Geography Tour

From the forested slopes of its volcanoes to the coral reefs found on both coasts, students will soon learn that Costa Rica is one of the most biologically wealthiest nations in the world. On this trip, there is opportunity to discover more about Turtles and their natural habitat, trek into the Arenal National Park, and see the colourful city of San Jose. Students will constantly be discovering new ways of life and their comfort zones will be challenged in the most idealistic way.

Costa Rica – Full Sample Itinerary


Food Technology Tour – Italy and France

Students will have the opportunity to explore traditional Italian and French production methods on a food technology tour to Rome, Naples and Normandy. Travelbound are pleased to provide several great options to enhance the experience, including expert cookery lessons in a local restaurant or cookery school. At our own Chateau du Molay groups can enjoy a frogs legs and snails tasting, a cheese board with a selection of local produce and a crepe and cider/apple juice evening.

Food Technology – Full Sample Itinerary