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Accommodation &Transport

If you’ve travelled, you know accommodation can be hit or miss. But, not with TravelBound Education. Comfortable, highly-rated accommodation is essential on school trips with learning-based itineraries.

It’s not just about cost, location and amenities. Reputation is an important metric whenever we determine accommodation providers for student groups.

As a member of the School Travel Forum (STF), our accommodation options are subject to a standard audit prior to booking with them. This means, at a minimum, all providers will adhere to the following:

  • A valid operating license
  • Indemnity and public liability insurance
  • Compliance with local and national governing body requirements (and those of licensing authorities)
  • Completion of TravelBound Education’s accommodation safety assessment – covering fire safety arrangements, a food management system, and general safety arrangements.

Often, this trip is the first overseas adventure for your students, so securing accommodation that embodies that ‘home’ energy is a deciding factor, once these categories are satisfied.

Getting there & travelling around, safely.

Local transportation can be a cause for concern, for parents. But with TravelBound, this is all pre-planned through operators who fall within our guidelines. Just like our accommodation vetting procedure, we have rules surrounding transport providers. This includes air, coach, rail and ferry companies.

All transportation suppliers we partner with must provide a valid operating license and insurance policies (indemnity, public liability and transport-specific coverage).

No matter where your itinerary begins, TravelBound provides direct and indirect flight options, based on your group’s needs and budget. We can provide a local coach for convenient transfers (or a coach charter for Europe tours) or take public transport.

This is an affordable way to navigate cities and is a learning experience in itself. With this option, pre-arranged tickets will be waiting for you upon arrival. The Eurostar, for example, is a high-speed transport option catering to large groups who need to sit together.

Coach suppliers must agree to the details in our Coach Operator Land Transportation Code of Practice. After this, providers are required to complete our transport safety assessment to validate driver hours, recruitment, vehicle maintenance, and emergency protocols.

For air, rail and sea transportation, operators must comply with regulations by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Civil Aviation Authority or equivalent regulatory body in the country.

Plane, car, coach, train or ferry, our accredited partners will get your group there (and back) safely.