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How Travel Helps Build Character… Especially for Young People

How Travel Helps Build Character... Especially for Young People

There are moments in life that propel us forward and nurture our personal development… beyond the confines of a classroom. Curriculums are the necessary pre-cursor for development and further education however, supported by a school-based education trip, these learnings become ‘real’, through experience.

Travel is educational in nature. When intentionally planned around a curriculum, it extends a student’s knowledge and understanding of a culture or subject. But, a global trip, at this formative age does so much more than this.

The benefits of international travel for students

Educational travel develops perspectives, attitudes and interests. Some studies even show an educational trip and travel can even make students better job candidates. Why? Because companies look for the types of qualities that travellers have – interesting, curious, and adaptable, with a broader world view.

The importance of travelling in education settings, from a younger age, helps build a strong personal philosophy. With Year 11 and 12 being a major transformation as they enter adulthood, being adaptable and taking responsibility are important traits – both of which are developed through travel.

Worldly experiences push us out of our comfort zone and help to build confidence. This type of education forces us to move beyond the little area we exist, bringing our realisation to how big the world is. This inadvertently enables us into big thinking, putting things into perspective. We develop empathy, a cultural aptitude, and a deeper awareness of the meaning of real problems.

Travellers have an innate playfulness that they carry throughout life. When introduced early on, especially in high school students, it can support their relationship to their studies (and everything that lies ahead of them).

Give this gift to your students.

How to plan your character education trip

There are different approaches you can take. You can plan your itinerary around a specific subject such as history, geography, science, music, business, art or language… then, pick the best location that suits your needs. If you have a country in mind, you can map the itinerary around that destination, weaving in various themes to suit your learning goals.

TravelBound’s itineraries are 100% tailor-made, in line with your curriculum and educational needs. Let’s start mapping out your character education activities. Check out some of the destinations we organise educational tours for or just fill in this form and we’ll get back to you soon.

Bring ‘real life’ into your classroom, with a safe, hassle-free TravelBound life skills education trip.