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How to Work Together With Parents to Plan a Successful School Educational Trip

How to Work Together With Parents to Plan a Successful School Educational Trip

Imagine the experience you’ll have when you watch a student look up at the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China. It’s something they’ve been learning about for weeks and now they’re marvelling at it, with the wide eyes of a child. The moment clicks, creating their indelible connection with the place.

Organising a school trip is part of the adventure. It doesn’t start the moment your students settle on the plane. There’s an important group that we can’t ignore, both in the planning and during the trip. The parents.

Safety is paramount, when planning a school trip

By partnering with a tour company who specialises in high school educational trips (like us), you can alleviate anxious parents. Watching your child hop on a plane to travel to another country is a big ask for a parent, especially if it’s their first time overseas.

We only work with pre-approved providers and suppliers (in line with the requirements of the School Travel Forum. And we personally visit chosen suppliers for in-house safety assessments.

More importantly, organising a school trip with TravelBound means you have a team who are able to answer your parents’ questions, no matter how trivial. Having a point of contact for the entirety of the trip, from planning to unpacking, is a crucial element of making the trip a success.

Explain the educational benefits

Get clear on the reasons why this educational trip will benefit your students. Think outside the lines. The advantages won’t just be related to the subject or country. Consider the soft skills the young travellers will develop throughout the journey.

Host information nights to create opportunities to talk one-on-one with the parents. If you’ve planned a trip before, this is a good chance to bring in previous students who have taken part in a trip.

Welcome their input & give plenty of notice

Make sure you give your parents plenty of runway in terms of time. This isn’t a decision you want to rush them on. Keep in mind their involvement in sporting teams or any extracurricular activities. Encourage the parents to get involved as much as possible. Do they have any specific requests? Have they been to the country before and would like to add their local suggestions? Bring them ‘along with you’, particularly during the planning phase. They’ll feel a lot more comfortable on the day the trip begins.

Have all details readily available

It’s essential to have all the important information on-hand for your parents. This includes specifics about the trip, as well as safety policies, insurances, and emergency procedures. Avoid disorganisation, as your parents will be the first to pick up on any haphazard energy. Put the planning into the hands of professionals.

Organise your school trip with New Zealand’s educational tour company

Do you have a destination in mind? A subject you’re thinking of exploring? Get in touch with the TravelBound team and we’ll start planning your tailor-made itinerary.

There are endless lessons to unearth out there. Let us share the responsibility to help your students discover them.